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A Word to the Selected Few Chiropractor(s)

A Word to the Selected Few Chiropractor(s)

You are a highly skilled chiropractor, you have a great business, managed to build a great team, provide great work, & live a great life.

If you would like to expand to multiple practices, scale the practice you already have to 6-7 figures a year, or all the above, keep reading.

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About A.R.N Holding's Agency

About A.R.N Holding's Agency

We are a marketing consulting agency that helps chiropractors like yourself with the online presence, advertising, & sales department of the practice so you guys can serve:

1) New Patients

2) Repeat Patients

3) Referral Patients

All in 1 Key System

We know you’ve probably never heard this topic, but has anybody ever mentioned how chiropractors really are the most beneficial doctors in the health industry?

Chiropractors are easily the most under-rated doctors & with so much competition, it’s hard to capture patients for the reason that the topic is so unheard of.

So, the purpose of our services is to attract more paying patients by redesigning your online presence (your new business card), so we could educate the local community about how your practice is different from the competition in your area & to educate about chiropractic itself.

Plus, we help position your practice to get receive all the calls & messages from the active market, as opposed to them contacting other practices.

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The Secret Missing Link to Your Chiropractic Practice

  • Autopilot Marketing & Lead Generation System

    90% of chiropractors in the world DO NOT have a set advertising system that is providing leads to them every single business day.

    Our system provides your practice with quality leads so we have the opportunity to convert them into a paying patients by receiving some helpful information so we could solve their problem.

    Our Marketing & Lead Generation Mastery is a system that allows us to personalize your advertising to gain traction from the community to you. 

    This traction gives us the opportunity to turn potential patients into paying patients.  

  • Elite Chiropractic Sales Mastery

    Because most chiropractors DO NOT have a sales team closing the leads from marketing campaigns into paying patients, that moves you into the top 1% & above 99% of your local competitors.

    Our Elite Sales Mastery is the system that turns potential patients (the leads) into PAYING PATIENTS.

    Our goal is to gain the highest possible percentage of patients to go after your practice & not go somewhere else.

    After they visit once, we place the patient in a repeat system to schedule another visit & we give them flyers for referral points.

What is the Result of Our Services?

  • New Patients

    Generating new patients is crucial for two reasons.

    - It grows your gross revenue.

    - It opens the door of opportunity towards your ultimate goals.

    Whether you would like to hire more staff, open multiple practices, or even just scale to 6 or 7 figures a year, it starts with improving your cash flow systems.

    As a chiropractor, you have a demand for your service, but most people just don't know it yet. They are unaware of their problems & they reach out to you until the pain is at an ultimate high.

    Using the strategies mentioned here, your practice is guaranteed to have a flood of new patients who are in the market for for your chiropractic services.

    This process is executed by a trained sales team that we provide who will close the leads into appointment bookings at your practice.

    A marketing & sales team is the superpower you need to make more money to reach your ambitious goals.

  • Repeat Patients

    A repeat patient client base is ideal for every practice owner.

    Repeat patients create the relationships needed for you to expand, whether it's hiring more staff, opening a new location, etc.

    Repeat patients allow steady cash flow for the practice so we can make higher profit margins. Higher profit margins allow us to help you take more money home.

    These type of patients know you so well that they already trust you, so why would they go elsewhere?

    Establishing a plan to keep them on a monthly retainer has them committed to you, & only you.

    This alone will allow you to boost the lifetime value of every customer so you have the maximum profit to pay yourself, your team, & your business' achievements.

    Reward yourself.

  • Referrals

    When you & your business get to the point where you rely solely on repeat customers & referrals, you know you’ve done a great job with your business.

    Your patients know you, like you & trust you & would never go anywhere else for chiropractic work.

    These customers are the best patients because they do all the advertising for you through word of mouth to family & friends.

    You know exactly why you started your business, so why not go 100%?

    Everything worth doing, is worth doing to excess.

    You smashing your goals means we've smashed ours.

    Us helping you build this system just takes it off your hands so you can focus on your practice & master your craft.

    Marketing is essential in every practice, we're just here to cover that part for you.

    You deserve it.

About Marketing, Advertising, & Sales Consulting

Your potential patients are LOOKING online, & you need to be online to meet them there, your online presence is your new business card.

3 Modern Reasons Why You Must Be Advertising Online:

1) Competitive Landscape

2) Short Attention Span of the Public results in online research

3) Old Methods of Advertising are Getting More Expensive & Less Effective

Effective Marketing, Advertising, & Sales is a crucial tool to having a successful business.

We're here to execute that  essential part of your business.

Our greatest asset is letting you worry about providing your work to your patients, & we'll worry about sending you those new patients so you can focus on mastering the craft you've worked so hard to build. 

You have a great business, we know that, we just want the rest of the community to know it too.

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Our Lead Generation Services

  • Auto Pilot Marketing & Lead Generation System

    Where do most people spend all their free time?

    We utilize Facebook & Instagram Ads to deliver written content, videos, & social media ads to the desired audience so they can become paying members.

    We can easily reach 100,000+ people with just one campaign. 

  • Local search Optimization

    Where does everyone go when they need answers to a problem?

    We rank you high on Google search results so your website can result in higher rankings than your competitors so you can book the appointment, not them.

    Consumers really trust Google, so it's important to rank websites in order to capture prospects already looking for chiropractic services.

    Wouldn't it be nice to have the #1 ranking for chiropractic in Abq?

  • Email Marketing

    A strong email list is the lifeline of your business. It helps you update your customers by communicating new offers, discounts, & coupons.

    Not only does it work for selling, it also works to receive feedback from repeat customers.

    Email Marketing is the strongest form of marketing in business & it is still one of the most effective tools.

  • Branding

    We manage all your social platforms so you can spend your time doing what you do best.

    Our expert copywriters create content that aligns with your brand & mission.

    This creative content will keep your existing audience engaged with your brand so when the time comes to make a referral, they remember your brand like the back of their palm.

  • Website Optimization

    The first thing thing we do for our clients is optimize their existing websites.

    Our specialty is directing the market who needs your services to buy from you instead of the competition.

    They are going to buy regardless, so might as well be from you.

  • Trackable Performance

    We provide you with trackable performance reporting so you can see how much our efforts have improved your business.

    We give you monthly reports showing where we were last month to see how we can improve on the next.

    Our objective is to help you achieve your ultimate goals. Don't wait for new customers to come to you, because you'll spend all your years waiting.



It depends, every business is different. Our process is meant to adapt ourselves to your business in order to achieve your results as quickly as possible. 


Our pricing depends on the package you choose to purchase & it is based on your business' needs.


We offer a money back guarantee only if we do not get the result we promised.